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After years of experience implementing and developing projects through BIM technology & methodology, we acquired knowledge and produced protocols to work collaboratively with our clients. We offer support as their best ally to manage, implement and develop BIM projects.

Our services:
- BIM Consulting
- Modelling Architecture, MEP & Structure + Documentation
- BIM Coordination
- BIM Implementation
- BIM Management & BIM Support
- Education & Training
- Automation algorithms and parametric
- BIM for FM


As BIM consultants we offer full support for implementing BIM technology, always in synergy with the development of different phases of your projects.

We have great experience in assisting BIM management, development & modeling along with training and guiding teams throughout the growth of the companies.
We develop tools that will optimize your working process.

We work through a best practice basis applying methodologies that will provide you with ways to develop projects at any scale and any level of detail.

As consultants, we will help and guide you during the whole process, and even support you in achieving deadlines.



Our team is composed of experts in creating architectural/structural/ MEP models, Fabrication Models, and Civil Engineering Models. We have modeled more than 100.000 square meters of an extended list of typologies and uses.

Our team works on the established level of development of your project, based on European or North American standards and protocols regarding geometry and information.

We also produce databases of parametric families for developing projects, adding the information necessary for optimizing projects in the modeling process, project documentation, or managing the database itself.

We can also update all disciplines during the construction process to produce the "AS-BUILT" model.  For existing buildings, we have experience in modeling using a survey through a 3D scanner.



To coordinate the disciplines (architecture, MEP, and structure) a clash detection is realized through a BIM software revising all possible clashings, interferences, or miscoordinations between 3D models.

Through this process, we achieve total control of the project eliminating unexpected issues on-site and for that deviations on budges from lack of coordination.

This procedure implies the most known advantages of the BIM methodology, being each day more requested from clients and constructors to assure full execution of the project.



Through quality control and tracking, we guarantee the project's development collaboratively.

This process will be developed by creating a series of documents and plans necessary for the correct deployment of the technology. The stakeholders, the information sharing system, the BIM coordination, the BIM use, the BIM goals, and an extensive list of concepts will be established to enhance the internal process.

As consultants, we offer support to create protocols and strategies integrating the tasks of BIM management into the scope of Project Management.



By creating routines and algorithms, we considerably reduce the time spent on routine and repetitive tasks - a very useful for managing the BIM Model Data basis.

Furthermore, this service helps in specific tasks overcoming the limits of the BIM software by linking the existing information and the BIM model to other software creating an efficient workflow.

These algorithms will help speed up the process by creating complex geometries and full documentation, allowing changes by controlling parameters.



Doing BIM for Fabrication, we convert your BIM models into databases with all the information necessary to manufacture your projects.

Share with your clients the complete constructive solutions of your projects, creating a friendly environment where you can produce a fluid interaction of the created design and where your clients can analyze in-depth the proposed solutions.

You will also be able to analyze your project's specific construction systems, generating Gcode files for CNC machines. 

All this process will also complete the information of your BIM model, facilitating the maintenance process of assets by linking this information to the Facility Management software.

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